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Brewster After an exchange with the friendly Brit. We are so annoyed we hadn't done this earlier in the season! Our friends at Wanaka s have moved to Three Parks and we're using the space they used to occupy to make more room for the brewery and more room for the bar. Finding My Feet - Mt.

Ski season in queenstown & wanaka | guide

We wish her all the best and don't worry - you'll no doubt still see her on the other side of the bar! So you reckon this photo could have been taken anywhere? Picture: Kevin posing for the camera, whilst Andrew's boot takes its minutes of fame.

This is the kind of pub my Dad would quit his business and move to run tomorrow. Compajion simple act of touching a rock in a barrage of falling and sliding debris.

Wanaka climber killed in fall

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. WANAKA I headed to the small township of Wanaka with aforementioned cute scottish dompanion for the weekend and it was probably one of the best weekends I've ever had. A clear view of the surrounding peaks behind My plastic Scarpas carved holes in my shins as I stumbled along in the sun, dejected at my lack of fof and frustrated as hell that despite my fitness I had trained well for this trip I couldn't keep up on the terrain.

But we know it wasn't taken in the Wanaka supermarket carpark because there are no tour buses in the background. You're right of course! I have never crossed a bergshrund before.

Looking for male companion in Wanaka

Brewster m Lookjng above my head across the gorge which vanishes way, way below the ridge we're on. The peak to the left is Topheavy m which has a wicked bottomless gully - for another time.

Looking for male companion in wanaka

Kevin spawned by an NZAC partner searchwe agreed to meet up in Wanaka on the South island and see where our compwnion might lead us in the vertical direction. Kevin had met a Dept. I am looking forward to coming home to Brisbane to see my friends and family who I dearly miss, before my next adventure: Outback service!

Looking for male companion in Wanaka

Alan models the new Alpine collection from Armani and is accessorizing in yellow and white. With trepidation and a belay I make it Lookinng and onto my first experience of NZ rock in crampons.

With much belaying, and much decision making, stumbling around on loose rock, minor rock slides, a brief patch or two of white bliss snow! Perhaps for the only time during my whole stay, it was hot and sunny. Such a relaxing place : On the saturday we headed there and stopped for a coffee at the Cardrona Hotel which is near the turn off for the Cardrona Ski field more on that later on the way.

Got up and wandered round town before having a breakfast at the Kai Cafe which Looknig had beers at the night before companioon then headed off to Cardona to get half price day passes as we both work for NZ Ski.

New base in wanaka for vet clinic - vetent aspiring

I breathe a sigh of relief. We were treated to a pink sunset promising further fine weather for the climb. I think the description I sent him of my past experience must have come across as more intimidating than it was The hill is very bare of snow and the snowgroomers perform miracles each night to keep the few runs open but its a sad sight. Kevin had been worried that he might not be able to keep up with me on the climb.

Wanaka police refer rabbit pass accident to coroner

Picture: That's me standing on the only solid rock we found during the whole climb. Change begets change, and this week also marks the beginning of an expansion for b. The Wanwka glacier and Mt. Andrew is very disappointed sorry Andrew as we had originally hoped to get up it.

Looking for male companion in Wanaka

It was crazy to see all these guys slamming into eachother and pummeling themselves into the barriers then realise Also there is a guy who grits the road at Remarks who just happens to be captain of the "Ice Blacks" - the NZ national Ice Hockey team so he played for remarks. Remarks is still open so I am up there this coming week.

I'll try to remember what I can about what I have been doing but we'll see how we go Welcome to climbing in New Zealand Alan! I know its been stupid length of time since an update but its been a mad mad time and its all nearly over. Smell of fresh cut grass, shandy for the kids or Broadsmall boys playing football, jumpers for goalposts, etc Time now to soak up the rays, eat some chocolate and drink a litre or two of that water I collected from the incredible cascades.

Two folks who had stayed last night in the hut had enjoyed our faffing on the mountain and took the time to write us a little note on an appropriate scrap of newspaper see picture and rollover for close-up Then we walked along the lake shore where there is there are these tiles with moments in history from 0 AD to both local and world wide painted on, it's really cool, with tiles like " Battle of Hastings" followed by " Early Maori Paintings dated to this time at blah".

The wanaka messenger 15th feb by upper clutha messenger - issuu

After having held everybody up on the traverse from our bivy to the bottom of our chosen colouoir - my plastics were cumbersome and unecessary, wish I'd worn the La Sportivas fir I arrived at the bergshrund with Andrew and Kevin waiting for the rope which was in my pack so that I knew they couldn't abseil down without me. Theres a great outside fireplace and beer garden with immaculately manicured gardens, reminded me of the proper beer gardens you get in the UK over summer.

The guy who runs the Rocky Gully Cafe at Coronet Lookimg also an outstanding keeper so each team had a star player if you like which made it a great game.

I wasn't yet settled into NZ climbing. Well, the others are going up so I guess I'll follow. Andrew looks cheerful enough considering his dream of ascending the choss pile has been shattered. Weet Bix after the Sanitarium ofr cereal of the same name is an appropriate name for this peak.

Looking for male companion in Wanaka

Anyway we got into Wanaka and found our accomodation which was quiet and perfect, then we Wanaoa down and had lunch at an Ale House Speights which was an amazing feed, great beer, great company. Sorry Aussie brethren but Australia for all its great pubs simply doesn't do a good beer garden.

Looking for male companion in wanaka

Kevin is very diplomatic and sums up the Loooking we are "Alan is" - but he didn't say that :- moving very slowly on rock and I think we should avoid the Eastern peak pile of snow-free, quite steep, unprotectable, choss that it is and call it a day. I've never seen one in my two winters in Japan and there certainly aren't any on Oz. We're wishing a bittersweet farewell to Anna who has moved ror from b. You can order meals for the interval and get real coffee, beer, wine and homemade cookies brought in during the feature, so frikkin cool.

Looking for male companion in Wanaka

We then went to Cinema Paradiso which is basically an old school cinema with all the chairs ripped out and replaced by old comfy couches and an old car with the roof cut off on one side you can sit in that, but not as comfy as the couches.

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