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A vida sexual (the sexual life), by egas moniz: eugenics, psychoanalysis, and the pathologization of the female sexed body

We shall give the last word here to Pope Pius XI who, in quoting the greatest of the Church Fathers, summed up and reaffirmed this unbroken tradition in his encyclical on Christian Marriage, Casti Connubii 31 December But is the first impression correct? If the inspired author, while knowing the same historical facts, had evaluated them in the way most modern exegetes would have us believe he did i.

The controversy quickly spread to Puerto Rico, where the present writer resides.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

In fact, Augustine never expressed such a cold and puritanical view: the professor fails to distinguish between "pleasure" and "passion. In a world that is no longer Paradise, the desires and actions of animals can indeed be "unnatural" in this sense of disordered and abusive, even though there cannot of course be any sin on the part of creatures with no free will, and hence no moral responsibility.

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Another user said they suspected "having a birth mark is probably too much". Litteras testari, divinam Maiestatem summo prosequi odio hoc nefandum facinus illudque interdum morte punisse, ut memorat S.

Thus, the traditional interpretation of this passage as a divinely revealed condemnation of contraceptive acts - not as a provision of mere positive law cultic or disciplinary given temporarily for a specific ancient cultural context, but as a particular manifestation of that divine will for the entire human species which had been revealed through nature ever since the Creation - must be seen as supported by serious exegetical arguments.

In other words, the spontaneous negative emotional reaction of ordinary, decent people to such practices is really a "message" from the God who speaks to us in the still, small voice of our moral conscience.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

Leon-Defour ed. To say that an act is sinful Delaaware it is "unnatural" uses this concept in a Delawarf sense from that which is used when we speak of "nature" to ify the sub-human, material world studied by the so-called "natural sciences. Although much media attention was thus focused on the question of whether or not Elders and Feliciano merited dismissal for their "liberal" statements about masturbation, the substantive issue was of course whether or not this practice should be discussed as a "safe-sex option" in schools.

Harrison, who was born in Australia, is a convert to the Catholic faith and is well known as a speaker and writer.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

Delawware is true that the silence of Scripture on this point does not, in itself, demonstrate masturbatioh that Onan would not have been conscious of any such divine command: to insist that it does demonstrate this would involve an un-Catholic, sola Scriptura position. Conversely, when sexuality is treated in its most sublime character - i. After all, it is not as if the Old Testament vocabulary was lacking in concepts or words to express sins of interior attitude, when that is the kind of sin the authors had in mind.

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Indeed, quite apart from those arguments, and even without any appeal to the Catholic theological principle that Church tradition must be our guide to the interpretation of Scripture, a purely historical awareness of the unanimity of Jewish tradition on this point highlights how implausible and anachronistic is the view we are criticizing. If anything, we masurbation tend to expect the contrary: i.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

President Bill Clinton dismissed Dr. Then, Martied the very next verse, the priest Heli laments the profligacy of his own sons, who have been "lying with" loose women. His last article in HPR appeared in December Even when no sexual act is involved, the concept of "uncovered nakedness" is always presented as shameful or disgraceful: cf.

And in a sense, that fact itself is the short answer to those who claim that these sorts of acts are ethically indifferent or innocent.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

I will argue that those biblical scholars upon whose works commentators like Echevarria depend are far from reliable in their exegesis of this passage. It was what he did after initiating the marital act that was wicked. All these forms of human degradation were well known in the decadent Greco-Roman world of New Testament times, and common sense not to mention common decency will lead us to understand that the Bible - even prescinding from Gen.

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Social, emotional, and relational distinctions in patterns of recent masturbation among young adults:

The passage from St. With due respect to Professor Echevarria, it is our own anatomy that teaches us masturbqtion lesson, not some Kantian philosophical theory on the sexual habits of animals! Others identified a decline in standards among young people. Indeed, over and above its prohibition by natural law, such deliberately sterilized pleasure-seeking could well have been discerned as a form of contravening one of the few divine precepts which already in that pre-Sinai tradition had been solemnly revealed - and repeated - in positive, verbal form: "Increase and multiply" Gen.

What has to be manufactured artificially by external social conditioning Magried not the belief that masturbation is bad or self-degrading, but the belief that it is good and natural.

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After roundly condemning as intrinsically contrary to the natural moral law all practices which intend to deprive the conjugal act of its procreative power, the Pontiff gave an authoritative interpretation of this biblical text which not only confirms the tradition, but is itself Margied by impartial and historically well-informed exegesis: Wherefore it is not surprising Marroed the Sacred Scriptures themselves also bear witness to the fact that the divine Majesty attends this unspeakable depravity with the utmost masturbatiin, sometimes having punished it with death, as St.

Augustine recalls: "For it is illicit and shameful for a man to lie with even his lawful wife in such a way as to prevent the conception of offspring. Song of Songs ; ; In a telling phase, he spoke of Paradise thus: "Nor yet masturvation the flesh by its disobedience testify against the disobedience of man. On the Delzware hand if, Judeo-Christian tradition has always insisted, "wasting the seed" by intrinsically sterile types of genital action violates that natural law to which all men, Jew and Gentile alike, have always had access by virtue of their very humanness, cf.

Augustine quoted by the Pope is De adulterinis coniugiis ad Pollentium 1b. It follows that those who say his only offense was infringement of the levirate marriage custom need to explain why such an offense was punished by the Lord so much more drastically in the case of Onan that it subsequently was under the Mosaic law.

Married Bear Delaware masturbation

In answering these questions one must take cognizance of the following ificant fact: the penalty subsequently laid down in the law of Moses for a simple refusal to comply with the levirate marriage precept was only a relatively mild public humiliation in the form of a brief Marrried of indignation. Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon-General of the United States because of her public statement that in the present AIDS crisis, solitary sex acts might well be discussed sympathetically in school classrooms, as a part of health education.

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