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about seizure diaries and download one for free from:.

Keep an eye on your skin — and body. Add fruit to yogurt, smoothies or as a salsa fot fish and chicken. What to eat after exercise Food and drink also plays a part in recovering effectively from training. Find out how to start losing weight and read about the NHS weight loss plan.

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Did the person's colour change? What brought your attention to the seizure? Find out more about bodybuilding and sport supplements. Did the person mention any unusual sensations, such as an odd smell or taste? Did the seizure occur without warning?

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As we know, stress and its symptoms can affect our sleep quantity and quality. How were they after the seizure?

If you're trying to lose weight, you'll need to watch what you eat and drink after your workouts. Pair food with water. A meeting, the gym, a bar? Back to Health A to Z What to do if someone has a seizure fit If you see someone having a seizure or fit, there food some simple things you can do to help. Even mild dehydration can result in disorientation, dizziness and fuzzy thinking, added Kleiner.

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Support them gently and cushion their head, but do not try to move them. Even mild dehydration can affect giy mood, energy level and ability to think clearly. Did the person's breathing change? A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found thatmild dehydration caused headaches, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. You can watch videos of people talking about having epileptic seizures on healthtalk.

Saturday drinks good lookingvery fit guy

In general: only water is needed for moderate exercise that lasts less than an hour an isotonic sports drink, milk, or a combination of high-carbohydrate food and water for hard sessions that last longer than an hour You can make a homemade sports drink with ml of squash not low calorieml water and a large pinch of salt. This means drinking water regularly throughout the day.

The choice of drink depends on the intensity and duration of drinos exercise, and your training goals.

Saturday drinks good lookingvery fit guy

If it's very pale in color, you are probably hydrated. In fact, according to Kleiner about 20 percent of our total water intake comes from the food we eat. If you consume more energy than you burned during your exercise, you may find yourself putting on weight rather than losing it. Did the person lose control of their bladder or bowels? So consider swapping that pre-meeting coffee for a glass of ice water to be the most alert. How long did the seizure last? Set an alarm reminding you to drink water.

They should not have any food or drink until they fully recover.

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Plus, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that male subjects experienced fatigue, tension and anxiety when mildly dehydrated. You should start any exercise session well hydrated. If so, where — the face, lips or hands? What does water have to do with energy in the body? Keeping a seizure diary If you have epilepsy, it can be helpful to record the details of your seizures in a diary. So the next time that mid-afternoon slump hits, consider trading the trip to the vending machine for one to the water cooler.

If you are not hydrated, the skin is the first organ to lookingvefy by being overly dry and non supple.

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This might be your next main meal. Was there any loss of consciousness or altered awareness? Did they ogod their tongue? Water and exercise Not drinking enough water can have a major effect on your performance. Check Your Urine Color for Tell-Tale s There really is no magic or formula for how much fluid you need every day, but the color of your urine is a pretty good indicator of where you stand on the hydration scale. A punishing exercise routine may not be the best way to lose weight.

Saturday drinks good lookingvery fit guy

Did any parts of their body stiffen, jerk or twitch? Was it a noise, such as the person falling over, or body movements, such as their eyes rolling or head turning?

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Staying hydrated also helps keep our kidneys functioning properly, so they can do their job of transporting waste products into and out of cells and preventing the buildup of blood urea nitrogen, which gets excreted in urine. When our BETTER team challenged themselves to increase their water goood they found this tactic particularly helpful. You may be ift by how much dehydration can affect your mental and physical health.

Did they perform any actions, such as mumble, wander about or fumble with clothing?

If so, for how long? Setting the simple goal of drinking every time you change locations is an easy way to remember.

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Time for a glass of water. When to call an ambulance Dial and ask Szturday an ambulance if: it's the first time someone has had a seizure the seizure lasts for more than 5 minutes the person does not regain full consciousness, or has several seizures without regaining consciousness the person is seriously injured during the seizure People with epilepsy do not always need to go to hospital every time they have a seizure.

Thirst, says Dr.

Did they need to sleep?

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